2 дорослих та 3 дітей

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
2 дорослих та 3 дітей 2 дорослих та 3 дітей

Good afternoon! Our family is looking for a sponsor in the UK. We are 5 people me, husband, son 13 years old and 2 daughters 11 years old and 8 years old. Until 2014, we lived in Crimea, but the Russians came to our land and stole it, we had to leave everything, leave our homeland, we were forced to move to Vasilkov near Kyiv. But on February 24, bombs came to us, a full-scale war began, and now we were again forced to leave our home, I left for Poland with my children, now my husband has joined us. And we need to start life anew, we really want to go to the UK. There are difficulties with the language, but we will study it diligently.

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