2 взрослых и 3 детей 13, 10, 10 лет)

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2 взрослых и 3 детей 13, 10, 10 лет) 2 взрослых и 3 детей 13, 10, 10 лет)

My name is Svetlana. I am 38 years old.
I am looking for housing for my family – my husband and our three sons (10, 10, 13 years). After horrible days near Kyiv, after nights spent in the basement, risking being shot in our car, we moved on from the war.
I don`t know English very well, but I can speak and teach now, before war I went to courses.
We don`t have bad habits, responsible, sociable. We like animals and not afraid of different jobs, we can help with the housework.
I have a job in Ukraine – I work as civil servant in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and I can work remotely, my husband wants to work.
If it is possible, I am interested in part-time work.
It is not important for us to live only in a big city.
It is important that there is a school and the opportunity to work. Our two sons like play football and before the war they played it seriously, so I would like to continue.
We very much hope that peace will soon come to our Ukraine and we will return home and we will be able to host in Ukraine those who will open their doors to us now. Peace for everyone!

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