1 person looking for a host in or near big cities to live and work. Cheers:)

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom/ Manchester/ Edinburgh/ Glasgow (any big city because more job opportunities)
1 person looking for a host in or near big cities to live and work. Cheers:)

Hi, my name is Diana and I am looking for a temporary haven in the UK. I was really apprehensive at first to apply, but seeing how hospitable and kind British people are and how nowhere is safe in Ukraine for now and I saw missile flying over me – I have changed my mind. I have always considered myself a friendly, outgoing and responsible person. I am looking forward to finding a host ( and I just adore all pets, especially dogs – the best creatures on Earth), but by no means do I want to be a burden and I will start looking for a job asap. I have graduated from an English studies department and was an Erasmus student too. As I am fluent in English, I will be helping other Ukrainians adapt and I have also been volunteering as an animator and co-organising camps for children in summer. I do not smoke nor do I have any bad habits, if needed I will stay as little as possible and start looking for a flat. I would prefer to stay in or near big cities, just because of various job opportunities. I will gladly immerse myself fully in your wonderful language, culture and a lifestyle. You will be most welcome to visit and stay in Ukraine when it is safe and sound and we win.
Cheers! Have a great day!!

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