1 lady and 2 men looking for a place with 2 separate warm rooms

South Wales, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire or Gibraltar

We are 3 closely connected people who have been living in Kharkiv since 2014. Our names are Alexandra Berly, Kostiantyn and Vitalii. Two of us – Alexandra and Kostiantyn are translators and interpreters also used to be involved in election observation (CANADEM and ODIHR/OSCE). Alexandra speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian as well as some French and can understand written Spanish and Polish. Kostiantyn speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and some French. Alexandra is a graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and Kostiantyn has a Master’s degree in Translation from the Taras Shevchenko State University in Luhansk and a degree in International Economics from the Simon Kuznets Economic University in Kharkiv.
Kostiantyn and Vitalii are both 39 and Alexandra is older.
Kostiantyn smokes IQOS, rest of us do not smoke.
Kostiantyn and Vitalii were also internally displaced persons from Luhansk in 2014.
Alexandra has 2nd citizenship (Canadian) but hasn’t lived there for years being permanently in Ukraine since 2014. All of us lived in rental accommodation in Kharkiv that we had to leave together with our personal belongings due to heavy bombing and shelling of the city.
We are all LGBTQIA members: Alexandra is asexual and Kostiantyn and Vitalii are a gay couple who have been together for 17 years.
We are all quiet and introvert people. We are used to warm temperatures inside and have a kind of allergy to cold. We love cats and hedgehogs but are not used to young children. Alexandra has been to the UK before and is very interested in British historic and prehistoric sites.
Alexandra has some British ancestry on her father’s side (dating back to the 17th century – based on family oral history).
Alexandra can leave for UK any time but Kostiantyn and Vitalii have to wait until the ban for men to leave Ukraine is lifted, so they may join me later.

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