1 adult wants to live in the city or near city

United Kingdom

I am a calm, quiet human, eager to learn and curious about the world, but the latter is ruining every day for me. I am exhausted, tired, and more that anything want to stay home, but if I do, i will go mad (maybe not slightly). Air raids, news, worry, sleepless nights and crushing reality have done me no good. I am in desperate need for at least some hope for the future.
If you would be so kind to help me with accommodation, as soon as I find a job I won’t be a nuisance. Also I study English at the university, I believe I’ll adapt well, not to tell that i will improve quickly. I am lgbt+ friendly, if you have pets or smoke it is fine by me.
The only preference I have is to live near a somewhat big city so I could find myself a job.

Thank you.

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