1 Adult wanting to live in the United Kingdom

England, United Kingdom
1 Adult wanting to live in the United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Olia. I am 22years old. I’m single, without children. I’m looking for a sponsor who will help me get a visa and housing under the program House for Ukraine.
I want to say “thank you very much” to all British people. Thank you for your support, sincerity 💛💙

Unfortunately, the bloody war ruined all plans,
I am a friendly, neat, responsible and open person who loves children, pets etc..
I worked as a assistant dentist in Kyiv, still right now to help people in need but a huge explosion in my area made change my mind to leave my lovely country for a moment.
I also studied nursing,
Looking for people who will not only be ready to give me a room, but will also become close friends and be able to give some of advices.

I would like to live in a middle size city with the prospect of employment. I think there are more chances to find a job there, to be able to provide for myself and help my relatives. Also it’s ok if it is a small city but with a good transport connection. And big cities would be great too.

And I hope to see you soon😊

If you have any questions, please contact me my email address is olishkabayorok@gmail.com

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