1 adult wanting to live in London

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
1 adult wanting to live in London

Happy blessed Eater time to you and your family🕊🐣
I thank all people for help and support Ukrainian at this difficult time, for your big hearts and humanity.
My name is Juliya, I’m 41 years old and I’m from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. I had to leave my home, my country and all I love same as many other people here escaping from war.
And the same as many other people I want to hear again birds instead of sirens and explosions, sleep in bed instead of a bombshelter and not be worry to be shot or raped by russian soldier.
Unfortunately, part of my family decided to stay at home whatever and my heart is broken… I pray for them every day and hope to see all I know and love again one day. My heart stayed with them in Ukraine 💙💛
Now I’m looking for a sponsor to set up a new live in UK.
I speak english (not fluently) and is IT professional. Currently I’m in progress of some job interviews in London. I would appreciate your offer for my temporary home.
I‘ve been couple of times here and really love this beautiful city, people and atmosphere around. I’m a fan of Boris Johnson who does a lot for Ukraine ❤️ and I have some friends here as well.
I’m moving alone, I’m decent and educated person.
I love dogs, garden, photos, so if you have any or you connected somehow to art I’ll be happy😊

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