1 adult is looking for a place to stay in London

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
1 adult is looking for a place to stay in London 1 adult is looking for a place to stay in London

Hello, dear sponsors! My name is Marina, I’m from an occupied city Kherson, Ukraine. I’m currently looking for a person, who could host me for a while. I already have a permission to come to UK and friends I can stay with but only for a week. They won’t be able to host me in July.
I’m 29 y.o. and I’m almost fluent in English, so I can assure you there won’t be any difficulties in communication. Before war I used to run my own office where I provided psychological help and taught English for beginners (I have 2 MA degrees). I’m a person who spreads out in far too many fields of interest, but so far I’m fond of literature, painting, art and psychology. I consider myself to be an easy-going person, I am friendly and ready to make new acquaintances. I neither smoke nor drink alcohol. I am here because it is unbearable to live in my city anymore and I am looking for some help. I don’t have kids and going to leave Ukraine without other family members. It would be perfect to find someone nearby London city or somewhere else (I’ll consider any suggestions). I know there are many applicants from UA, yet, I would be very grateful for your feedback!

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