1 adult, female, looking for a safe, vibrant city

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
1 adult, female, looking for a safe, vibrant city

My name is Ann, I’m 23. I was born and raised in Kyiv region. One and a half years ago I graduated from the university. Before war I was working in a language school as a English teacher, and had an experience of working in kid’s summer camp. But war changed everything and took a lot. Now I’m looking for a peaceful, vibrant and most importantly, save place. Location: preferably in big cities.
I’m a friendly, chatty person, interested in classic literature, psychology, astrology and recently in politics. I adore animals and easily get on well with them. Maybe it’s the reason why I’m a vegetarian. I’m open to new opportunities, whether it’s study or work.
Thanks for all support to Ukrainians, we really appreciate it 😊

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