1 adult an 2 children from Mariupol needs accommodation in England

England, United Kingdom
1 adult an 2 children from Mariupol needs accommodation in England

Hello. My name is Victoria, I’m 32. We are from Mariupol. I have two children, daughter Sofia, 12 years old and son Danyl, 8 years old. My husband is in the army now. In Mariupol, my husband and I had a fast food, coffee and draft beer cafe. We put all our love into it. But with the outbreak of the war, it was plundered. And after that, a rocket flew there and destroyed it completely. We lost our Home, family, friends and work.
Unfortunately, the children couldn’t finish the school year. Now we are in the West of Ukraine. Every time during an air raid alert we have to hide and pray.My husband will return to us when the war is over. So I am in constant psychological stress.I want my children to be in safe place and can continue their studying at school. I will be happy if my children have a normal life and develop their talents, Sofia likes to draw and she dreams to be an artist. Also she is very gifted in music.Danil is talented in music too, he learned to play clarinet. I realy want to work. I can understand English and can speak at a simple level, but I am ready to learn language harder to improve my level.
The best place for us is the center of England, probably not far from Nottingham.My best friend is leaving near Newark. It will be the best if we can leave not far from each other.
It would have been better for us to have two separate rooms.
We would be grateful to you if you will reply.
Thank you.

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