1 adult (29 years) and 1 baby (7 month).

United Kingdom
1 adult (29 years) and 1 baby (7 month). 1 adult (29 years) and 1 baby (7 month).

Me and my cute little daughter Diana are searching for a safe place to stay. Today my home city Lviv was bombed and it is not safe to stay here with a baby.

I am 29 years old, currently on maternity leave, but before that, I worked as a Sales Manager in an IT company. I can speak English, so it will be easy for us to understand each other. Diana is 7 months old. She is a curious child, but rather calm. We don’t have dogs/cats in our home, but I love animals, so for sure will become friends with yours if you have one 😊

If you have a possibility to offer us a place to stay and have the willingness to hear baby laugh (sometimes – cry) at your home, please reach out.

Thank you all for your kindness in this difficult for Ukrainians time!

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