1 доросла, яка хоче жити поблизу Манчестера

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom
1 доросла, яка хоче жити поблизу Манчестера

My name is Khrystyna. I’m 25. I worked in the field of trade, and later graphic design and motion design. I am married, and my husband and I had grandiose plans for life, until the war made its adjustments and destroyed our dreams, as did millions of other Ukrainians.

I am a hardworking girl who is not afraid of work. I love plants very much, so if you have a garden, I will be happy to help take care of it. I am also ready to help with household chores. I love animals and easily find common ground with them.

I would like to find a sponsor near the city, because I need to look for a job to provide for myself and my family in Ukraine.

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