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1 дорослий. Хочу жити на південному сході Англії.

Hi) My name is Victoria. I am 32 years old (I will be 33 in June). I am a pharmacist by profession, I worked in a pharmaceutical company before the war, I was a buyer of medicines (cancer drugs, vaccines, insulin) and medical cosmetics, previously worked in a pharmacy.
In my spare time I like to read. My favourite writers are Agatha Christie and Jack London. I also like swimming and spending time by the water (sea, river, lake). I also like to run, exercise, play volleyball and spend time in nature. I also love cooking and eating 😁 especially Italian food. I dream to go to Italy in the future 😇 I also like to travel both abroad and in Ukraine, it’s very beautiful 😍.
I love working in the garden 🥰 My parents have a garden and I spend a lot of time there.
I really love my personal space.
I can be a bit reserved at first, but as I get to know people better, I love to socialise.
I am looking for a sponsor to move to the UK and really hope to help.
I really want to live near the sea, in a city or small town.
I would be grateful for your reply!

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