1 взрослый Юго Запад или Юго Восток

Horsham, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
1 взрослый Юго Запад или Юго Восток

Looking for a sponsor, I’m grateful to everyone for your kindness, understanding and hospitality.
My name is Lana.
I am from Kyiv.
I am 53 years old.
I have a biometrical passport.
I vaccinated in November 2021.
I don’t smoke.
I have a driving license.
I have a small dog york 2 kg – Stepa.
We are inseparable and looking for a sponsor together.
Stepa has EU vet passport, recently vaccinated and has a chip.

I graduated from university, physical rehabilitation and psychology.
I had been working as a cosmetologist for 30 years.
I do different types of massage and treatments for face and body.
But the war changed my life. I’m so sorry how my home, my Ukraine is look like now It is not easy to start living from scratch after 50 years.
My dog is stressed after the events in Ukraine and frequent movings.
Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant moments, I would like to live with a separate entrance or a separate housing.
Sorry, this is not a whim. I’m afraid that we are not a burden for sponsors.
I think the ideal sponsor for me would be a woman or couple around my age +/-10 years old.
I would like to live in a town or village close to town in Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire. Because it would be convenient for me to get to my daughter, who has already found a sponsor under the program for Ukrainians.
My English is not good, so I need an English language school and a friendly society.
I’m very grateful to the kind people of Great Britain.

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