Мама и ребенок

город или сельская местность

Good afternoon! My name is Natalia, I am 49 years old, I have a daughter, Maria, who is 11 years old. We live in Ukraine in Kyiv. But due to the danger due to the war that continues in our country, I have to ask for your help for me and my little daughter. I am looking for a sponsor in the UK for the “Home for Ukrainians” program, where we could live in safety and peace. After all, every day we feel anxiety and fear when sirens are heard, announcing missiles flying in our direction. I really hope for your sensitivity, mission and kindness and your desire to help me and my little daughter, who has her whole life ahead of her.
We are friendly, calm and positive. Without bad habbits. I love children and the elderly, I love taking care of flowers, riding a bike. Maria loves to do gymnastics, dance, play with pets. Before the start of the war, Maria attended a music school, where she learned to play the piano. We are interested in historical sights, we read books, we like to bake cakes and cookies.
Help us and give us the joy of living so that my little daughter Maria will forget about the horrors of war in our country. We will consider offers both in the city and in the countryside. We will be very grateful!

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