Женщина с ребёнком ищут защиту в Великобритании

Wales, United Kingdom
Женщина с ребёнком ищут защиту в Великобритании

I would have wanted my child to live in a calm environment, to learn and develop. I plan to practice, I’m not afraid of robots, I can do a lot of things, I want to earn money, so it’s necessary to help the fathers. I am a pharmacist by profession, worked as a manager in this region. I love sports, I cook deliciously. I also want to know friends in spirit. Knowledge of English is not enough for free speech, we will read obov’yazkovo. May I have water rights, but dosvid from 2006. I also love creativity, paintings, bouquets, waving from epoxy resin, terrariums, growing flowers, growing nails and beauty injections.

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